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Luxury Car Rentals Miami, Convertibles in Miami - Mini Cooper
Looking for true style, the Mini Cooper convertible, available in our luxury car rental Miami, can give you precisely what you want. The Mini Cooper emerged in England using a transverse-mounted engine and an efficient, boxy front-wheel-drive layout. It achieved truly mini-compact exterior dimensions along with a surprising amount of usable space inside. This luxury car high style is embraced by pop stars and celebrities, while an affordable bottom line enables middle-class members to easily scrape together the entry-level price of admission. The Mini Cooper is a exceptionally sporting blend of classic British mini-car heritage and charm combined with precise German engineering and construction below. The new Mini Cooper has, more fuel-efficient 1.6-liter, four-cylinder engines. In addition, power is directed through six forward gears, with your choice of manual or automatic control. Moreover, the Mini Cooper convertible combined the freedom of open-air driving with the significant, hip Euro attitude and relaxed nimbleness. Ask your luxury car rental Miami if this convertible is right for you!
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