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Luxury Car Rentals of Miami, Convertibles in Miami - Mercedes CLK500
The Mercedes CLK500 is a beautiful machine for anyone’s eyes. Mercedes has grafted the E-Type front end, with its twin oval headlamps, onto a C-Type-size body to create this convertible. Most Mercedes CLK500 models have powered by the 5.0-liter V8 engine rated at 302 hp. Power reached the rear wheels through a five-speed automatic transmission with Touch Shift, which allows the driver to operate it as a manual gearbox if he or she feels the need for more control.  Mercedes quotes a 0-60 time for the CLK500 of 5.7 seconds. Top speed is electronically limited to 130. Fuel economy is 16 mpg city/23 mpg highway. What makes the Mercedes CLK500 practical is its ability to carry four passengers in comfort. The rear seat is not as uncomfortable as in some other convertibles, or as in the SL-Type sports cars. The trunk is also a decent size, rated at 10.4 cubic feet. Like many Mercedes-Benz models, the CLK500 is pricey. Therefore, it is a strong player in the luxury convertible market that will attract envious glances as you drive down South Beach Miami. Check out our Mercedes and convertible selection that won’t let you down. As a premier luxury car rental of Miami, we can offer you the treatment, respect and, of course, facilitate all means to make the perfect choice.
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