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Luxury Car Rentals of Miami, Convertibles in Miami - BMW 335i
Among all convertibles in Miami available for rent, the BMW 335i is a preferred option. The BMW 335i is the swiftest 3-Series coupe you can have, and it strikes us as the most visually potent coupe the BMW offers. It is a great thrill to see the 335i break traction from the rear and disappear in a howl of high-spinning turbo whine. But it is a far bigger thrill to have its six-speed manual in hand, 300 horsepower at foot. A twin-turbo 300-hp engine in the $41,295 BMW 335i says it is the world's first in-line six with twin turbos and direct injection. Besides, The BMW 335i is the most powerful BMW six-cylinder car. This luxury convertible can take you to 60 mph rushes by in 5.3 brief seconds. If you want to rent a convertible in Miami and be sure your will be pleased, you have to contact MiamiLuxuryRentalCar.com, you luxury car rental of Miami.

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