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Luxury Car Rentals of Miami, Miami Exotic Cars - Porsche 911
The current Porsche 911 was revamped in 2005 and the update brought with it a return to the classic 911 face with the headlights and turn signals as separate units. Among the many delicate but significant changes is a wider track for better handling, larger wheels and tires, an available active suspension system and a much improved interior in terms of materials quality, comfort and ergonomics. At once refined and visceral, the 911 is equally comfortable tearing through a twisty road as it is smoothly dealing with the daily commute. Briefly, this exotic sports car offers world-class performance while being more than civilized enough to serve as a daily driver. This exotic sports car will blast to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds and hit a top speed approaching 180 mph. At MiamiLuruxyRentalCar.com, you luxury car rental in Miami, you will find the Porsche 911 you are looking for.


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